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Promotional Giveaways

Badges, keyrings, sweets and other gift ideas that are perfect as free giveaways

This promotional giveaways selection of small merchandise items should inspire you to select the right gifts for your brand. The range includes staple gifts like pens, keyrings and mints, but also more creative options, e.g. power banks, selfie sticks or candles.

Corporate giveaways should be playful and they should represent your brand in terms of values, quality and character. Choose traditional items to show a stable, consistent business. If you want to show your fun side, go for a puzzle or a toy that is printed with your logo.

When choosing your item, make sure that its quality represents the quality of your other products and services. You want to make sure that your promotional merchandise reinforces your brand image in a positive way.

Another thing to consider is your clients' interests and lifestyle. Are they into travelling? Select luggage tags or travel adaptors. Do they have pets? Why not go for a dog bowl. Are they city dwellers? A travel card or a compact umbrella might be more suitable.

Finally, consider how your giveaways will be distributed. If you need to post them, they should be lightweight and flat. When distributing at a trade show - they should be unique enough to stand out from others and it's useful to include a carrier bag too. If you're thinking of presenting these during client demonstrations, choose more substanial and personal items like mugs and flasks.

If in doubt, don't hesitate to call - we can provide ideas and visuals that will include your logo.

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