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We provide products and services to a range of businesses and organisations: from one-man-bands to global corporations with offices around the world. Find out more about the specific things we can do for you!

Free Unlimited Visuals and Guaranteed Adherence to Requirements

When you place an order with us, we will always send you a visual of your finished item to approve before production. We can amend this visual as needed until you are completely happy with the item. This can mean amending it once or 10 times. We want to make sure that you will be happy with your item and fully appreciate your concerns.

To give you a complete piece of mind, if your delivered items are not as you approved them, contact us within 7 business days of receiving the goods and we will reprint them or refund the order.

Coordinating Promotional Items

What UK Corporate Gifts is most known for is our service of producing coordinating promotional items. We can provide you with a series of items that will satisfy your advertising needs in the areas of:

  • stationery
  • brand awareness
  • sales promotion
  • events
  • direct mail
  • staff uniform
  • product packaging and presentation
  • others if required.

Companies and organisations can rely on us to select, provide visuals, produce and deliver a range of items that will represent your brand in a cohesive, well-thought-out manner.

To support this srvice, we provide stock holding and bulk purchasing opportunities. We can even provide an online ordering portal, complete with your own branding and product range.

If you're interested in having coordinating promotional items made, contact one of our advisors and share your specific requirements.

Brand Protection

Our team will work with your representatives to oversee product selection, manufacture and branding to ensure all products supplied by us adhere to your brand guidelines and represent your brand values. This can mean pantone matching of print or product itself or selecting items that mimic the shapes of your logos or products.

Easy Reordering

Once you order an item from us, your artwork and proofs are kept on file indefinitely, which means you don't need to resend these files each time you place an order.

Same artworks can often be used for different products, so even if you order a new gift, we can work with existing files, making the process quick and easy for you.

Campaign Planning Support

Share your events calendar with us or let us know what activities are coming up for you and we can support your giveaways search and ordering. This will help to make sure that you always have the most effective promotional items that achieve your goals and are delivered to you with enough time.

If we know you have an event coming up, we will contact you several weks before with product ideas that will match your goals and budget and that will work with your logo. You can then order the items you like or we can work together to refine these ideas. We will make sure that your gifts are delivered in time for your promotional activity.

Compliant Corporate Gifts

Vast majority of our items adhere to UK and EU regulations.

Our sports bottles, lunch boxes and other food containers and accessories are made from food grade materials and are often dishwasher safe.

Our clothing is sustainable and food items are fairtrade.

We have certificates to support these claims for individual items.

If you have a requirement for specific safety compliant items, please let us know and we will suggest items suitable for these requirements and will send the relevant certificates to you so you can rest assured that your items meet all your requirements.

Affordable Items

Many of the items we offer are made from paper, plastic and other affordable materials. Combined with our exclusive agreements with factories and contacts with a variety of manufacturers in the UK and oversees, we are in a position to offer great pricing and excellent value for money.

If cost is an issue, we can also often suggest cheaper alternatives to meet your budget.

Made in the UK

A vast range of our items is manufactured in the UK, which means that if you buy from us, you not only support our UK small business, but also UK manufacturing in general.

The UK factories we work with have policies and procedures in place that reduce their carbon emmisions and waste. At the same time they work hard on automating their processes and reusing materials to keep prices competitive and on par even with some Far East workshops.

The benefits of UK manufactured products also lie in shorter lead times, which is ideal if time is of the essence for you.

Let us know if you're looking for UK manufactured items and we'll suggest the products for you.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Recycled paper, reused plastic bottles and reclaimed leather and car tyres are some of the items we use for producing our products.

Using promotional gifts made from environmentally friendly materials gives you a positive PR boost in addition to brand awareness. It helps you stand out and portray yourself as an organisation that cares about the environment.

Ask your corporate gifts advisor to provide environmentally friendly items if you'd like to benefit.

Shorter Lead Times

You can decide to use our storage facilities to keep extra printed items you've bulk bought. This will drastically reduce lead times on your items - to even as short as 24 hours.

Cost Reduction

When you order items in bulk, we can offer very attractive prices on your items, taking advantage of economies of scale. To tie in with this, we offer storage and distribution services so that you don't have to worry about using the items all at once.

Child Friendly Products

We have products specially designed for children and babies. These items have to perform in strict tests and get certificates so that you can be sure you can distribute them without worry. Just let us know the item and age group you wish to target and we'll find the best fit.

Among child friendly items are baby spoons, toddler clothing and even soft toys suitable for newborns!

Storage and Distribution

Opt in to use our storage facilities to make full use of economies of scale and short lead times. Our logistics experience makes multi-site and global distribution of products easy. We can provide the full service or even work with your couriers to deliver items on time and in perfect condition.

Playful Practical and Educational Gifts

Among the thousands of promotional items we offer are many gifts that are playful, practical and educational - appealing to children and parents alike.

You can browse the range here or let our advisors help you choose the right item for your next event.

Talk to us about your activities and we'll use our knowledge of what works and what's hot to suggest ideas.

Code of Conduct

We are a reputable company that is trusted by many companies who have chosen to buy from us. To give you extra confidence, we have been members of the official industry body, the Promotional Merchandise Association, since 2008.

As Accreited Members we abide by a strict code of conduct and best practice rules. Below are the primary terms associated with our membership:

  • Transparency of product information and service delivery agreements
  • Compliance with all applicable legal regulations for all products, including safety regulations
  • Good and fair working conditions and equality for our workers
  • Protection of confidential information

Apart from the above we pride ourselves on conducting our business in a fair and open manner.

Portfolio of the Work We've Delivered

Have a look at a selection of branded products we did for our clients and read what some of them had to say about the quality, lead times and service!

We offer great versatility of service and approach each order individually to produce items that deliver for our clients.

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