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Banner Pens

A pull-out banner inside the barrel of these pens gives extra branding space

About the Range

Banner pens feature a unique design that includes a leaflet printed with your logo and design both front and back. The banner can be pulled out from the side of the pen and once released, it rolls back into place, wrapping itself around - inside the barrel. We have one of the biggest ranges in the UK. Our clients have used banner pens to display calendars and schedules, price lists and product and service offering. They are also fantastic for promoting awareness campaigns or as student giveaways.

Among our range below you will find several different styles of banner pens that come in a variety of colours - with both solid and transparent options. They often feature metal elements to add to the quality of the finished product. With our range, you are likely to find the pen that will best suit your brand and your campaign.

The flyer that can be pulled out from the pen is printed on both sides in durable, full colour print as standard. The average size of print area is as much as 68 x 200 mm on each side. As with any other item, our in-house graphic design department are available to help with your artwork layout at no extra cost to make sure your purchase is a success.

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