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Banner Pens - 50 Content Ideas [Infographic]

Banner Pens - 50 Content Ideas [Infographic]

About this banner pens Infographic

We've put our heads together to provide some inspiration for the best way to use banner pens. As these promotional items allow for including a printed flyer inside, they're perfect for printing calendars, graphs and many more. We grouped our ideas into 4 categories that are most popular uses for producing banner pens: business giveaways, staff stationery, awareness campaigns and student giveaways. You can roll with just one of these or combine them together to make the most of your next marketing campaign. Have a look at what we came up with below and feel free to share this page.

Banner Pens - 50 Content Ideas


Banner Pens

A pull-out banner inside the barrel of these pens gives extra branding space

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Banner pens let you add plenty of information on both sides...

Keep things practical to make the most of your promotional pen...

Use one or more ideas below to inspire your next campaign!

Banner pens as business giveaways

Banner pens can be given to prospective clients - e.g. at a trade show, as giveaways at your premises or during client visits. Why not include some of the following:

  • Best things about doing business with you
  • Testimonials
  • Calendar with your company events
  • List of store locations
  • Your team members’ introductions
  • Product selector
  • Product description
  • Campaign advert
  • How to guide
  • User manual
  • Reference guide for measurements / spec
  • Unit converter

Banner pens as staff stationery

Offices use pens regularly and many give branded pens to their staff. To go one step further, make employee quills even more useful (or just fun) by adding a banner inside.

  • Product reference guide
  • Latest campaign advert
  • Latest products brief
  • Environmental / sustainability policy
  • Customer care policy / code of practice
  • Employee handbook summary
  • Emergency procedure description
  • Safety reference guide
  • List of departments and handy contact details
  • Your company history or timeline
  • Calendar with company events
  • List of influential people that shaped your brand
  • Pictures of staff bonding together at a team event or staff party
  • Insider jokes and anecdotes

Banner pens for awareness campaigns

As awareness campaigns often aim to teach something useful, there's no better way to spread the knowledge than banner pens. Check out our suggestions to help you develop your design.

  • Safety procedure details
  • List of key telephone numbers for emergency / helplines
  • List of risks of not doing something
  • Details of the environmental impact of...
  • Drinks v alcohol units converter
  • Calorie values for a number of products
  • Calories burned during different activities
  • How to perform CPR
  • How to spot if someone has a stroke
  • How to protect yourself from...
  • How to act during a terror threat
  • How to speak to someone with depression
  • How to help an abuse victim
  • How to survive in the wild
  • How to make a shelter / boat / fire...

Banner pens as student giveaways

No-one loves freebies more than students, so why not make their giveaway pens more practical by including extra info on the flyer hidden within? Have a look at these suggestions.

  • Academic calendar with important dates marked out
  • How to apply for welfare assistance
  • How to report crimes or mistreatment
  • List of key contact details and locations
  • Campus map
  • Transport links details
  • Details of an academic society: info on what they do, membership advantages, meetings schedule and contact details
  • Local attractions / bars / things to do
  • Local festivals / gigs details

Feel free to share our banner pens content ideas Infographic

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Credit: images used in this infographic were downloaded from Freepik.

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