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Archives: May 2014

Secure Your Place in the Market [3 of 4 Steps to Building and Maintaining Your Brand]

To maintain your brand you need to make clever investments in your advertising campaigns. Read here how to come up with the best strategy to make your brand stick.

Get Exposure and Win Trust [2 of 4 Steps to Building and Maintaining Your Brand]

The important part of building a brand is getting enough exposure for your products and services and winning the trust of your consumers. You need to work on your credibility to get people behind your message and values. Read this article for tips on how to do just that.

Understand and Define Your Brand [1 of 4 Steps to Building and Maintaining Your Brand]

Understanding and defining what your brand is and what it stands for is the crucial first step to building it. This article gives you tips on what to focus on in the process. It is the first part of a four-part series. Continue reading to learn about how to create your brand effectively.

Do You Want Cheap Promotional Items?

How to choose the right promotional gifts to bring you the best return on investment and to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

5 Ways a Quality Umbrella Can Strengthen the Relationship with Your Client

Umbrellas are a powerful advertising tool and this article shows 5 ways that you can utilise them. Find out how promotional golf umbrellas can sway your clients towards you - regardless of whether they play golf or not.