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Archives: October 2014

Promotional Frisbees Reveal Strength Giving Properties of Iams Dog Food #CleverPromoGifts

No, this dog is not holding a weight in his mouth, it's a frisbee! This incredibly clever visual illusion has helped Iams demonstrate the strengthening qualities of their dog food to the public. Find out more about how it's helped their brand here.

13 Ways to Use Promotional Ice Scrapers to Promote Your Brand

Autumn is upon us and ice scrapers are about to become extremely useful promotional gifts. Find out how they can be used by businesses and organisations, from car companies to charities to... holiday makers!

Restaurant Uses Promotional Plates to Serve up a Slice of Emotive Branding #CleverPromoGifts

When the Indian restaurant Dishoom was opening in London they wanted to attract Indian diners to their establishment. Read how they teamed up with Oglivy and Mather to implement a campaign involving branded plates.

Corporate Gifts: The Top 5 Desktop Items

The BPMA asked 1244 professionals what items feature on their desks. Find out the top 5 most popular desktop items here!

Promotional Sandwich Cutters Increase Loyalty for Flora #CleverPromoGifts

Read about how Flora used 3D printing to turn kids' drawings into bespoke sandwich cutters that the parents and children loved!

Corporate Gifts Inspired by BBC The Apprentice

View all our corporate gifts inspired by the first episode of the Apprentice 2014. They will make you laugh and remember the mishaps of Sarah, Robert and Chiles.

Corporate Gifts vs. Promotional Merchandise

Do you ever feel confused when you hear the terms "corporate gifts" and "promotional merchandise" used interchangeably? If the answer is yes, you need to read this article!

Promotional Packs for Children Keep Kids and Parents Happy at Yo!Sushi #CleverPromoGifts

Read about the extremely clever branding idea that Intro and Yo!Sushi came up with to entertain children in their restaurants. Balloons, colouring sets and interactive Monster boards all featured in this innovative campaign.

Promotional Mugs You Might Not Have Considered Before

Did you know that there are many different varieties of promotional mugs, including plastic and colour-change varieties? Read more about them here, and find out how these styles can help your business.

Promotional Sticky Notes Provide a Cheap, Fun Alternative to Apple Watches #CleverPromoGifts

Discover how sticky notes have been cleverly shaped to provide a wearable version that functions in place of an expensive hi-tech watch, like the one produced by Apple.