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Corporate Gifts from PPE 2017 - What We Saw [Gallery]

This January 2017 we went to the largest exhibition of our industry: the Promotional Products Expo. As always, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the array of products and designs. Pens mugs, sweets, bags - they all have new additions that are worth noting. Here are our favourite items - have a look!

The Promotional Parker Jotter Ballpen: Why You Should Consider it for Your Next Corporate Gift

All the information you need about the parker jotter ballpen, with advice on how it could be used to gain brand exposure and reward loyal clients.

Printed Mugs Deliver Perfectly Precise Branding for Kern Weighing Scales #CleverPromoGifts

A company selling precision weighing scales used cleverly printed mugs to demonstrate their commitment to scientific accuracy. See the design, and find out their other marketing tactics here.

Top 10 Corporate Gifts to Use as Giveaways

Have you ever wondered what the best promotional products are to use as giveaways? Wonder no more! This list is a compilation of some of the cost-effective and popular gifts that will help expose your business and gain you new customers.

4 Ways to Use a Promotional Stylus Pen You Might Not Have Thought Of

Promotional styli are a great branding tool, and can be used as giveaways and as more personal gifts. But there are some uses you might not have considered. Find out what these are and if they could benefit your business, by reading this article.

Why Will Promotional Pens Make 76% of People Remember Your Brand?

How do promotional pens, and other corporate gifts make effective marketing tools according to research? This article uses data and statistics to show why this seemingly small part of your marketing campaign can actually be a cost-effective way to make your brand more memorable.

Engraved Paragon Pens Demonstrate Quality

Promotional Paragon Pens demonstrate value and sophistication that goes beyond their actual price. Available in two elegant finishes - shiny and matte - these push-button pens boast an impressive range of 15 shades combined. Read about all the features of these unique items.

Do You Want Cheap Promotional Items?

How to choose the right promotional gifts to bring you the best return on investment and to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

How to Reduce the Cost of Printing Your Logo: A Simple Guide

I explain how print colours, positions and logo size influence to cost of your branded corporate gifts. This guide will help you save money on promotional merchandise in 5 simple steps.

5 Alternatives to Business Cards that Increase Repeat Business

Do you rely on business cards to get your name out there? Try one of these affordable alternatives to stand out amongst your competitors.