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Archives: July 2015

Promotional Chocolate Moulded to Look Exactly like a Nike Trainer #CleverPromoGifts

Nike wanted to celebrate the anniversary of one of their iconic trainer designs, so they recreated it in chocolate! The result was an incredibly lifelike and mouthwatering looking shoe, that garnered lots of attention online.

Embroidery: All Your Questions Answered

Embroidered corporate gifts look beautiful and are loved by recipients due to their high-end feel. Learn how the embroidery process works, its benefits, and whether it's right for your business's needs.

Promotional Erasers Deliver a Sobering Message About Extinction for the Natural History Museum #CleverPromoGifts

Take a look at the clever eraser design used by the Natural History Museum to raise awareness about the issue of extinction. And get inspired for your own environmental marketing campaigns.

10 Hot Weather Corporate Gift Ideas

These promotional gifts are guaranteed to hot up your promotions this summer. A top 10 list of corporate gifts that your customers will love using during the warmer weather.

Promotional Notebooks a Success for Novus Sealing #ByUKCorpGifts

These promotional notebooks were produced for Novus Sealing according to their very specific requirements. Find out more and see the gallery.

Could a Promotional Lipstick Power Bank Benefit Your Beauty Business?

Promotional power banks are fast increasing in popularity. And they're not just for tech businesses anymore - the new lipstick power bank could give your beauty business an extra advantage!

Promotional Flip Flops that Double as Billboards Are #CleverPromoGifts for Summer

Read about how this interactive advertising campaign combined guerrilla marketing and gift giving for a perfect way to prolong summer and promote a refreshing drink.

Guide to Promotional Golf Umbrellas Customisation Options

This guide goes through all the elements of a golf umbrella and their options for personalisation. Promotional golf umbrellas are one of most customisable corporate gifts out there. Find out all the options available to you.

Promotional T-Shirts Are Cracking #CleverPromoGifts for Plumbers

Discover how plumbers used cleverly printed t-shirts to gain brand exposure and amuse their customers at the same time, and get inspiration for your own funny promotional merchandise.