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How an Americano Mug was Used to Raise Environmental Awareness #CleverPromoGifts

Find out how the use of print transformed this mug into an item for an environmental campaign. The cafe's use of a mug has increased to 55% in a month.

Promotional Cambridge Mugs Help Create Awareness for Fraunhofer UK #ByUKCorpGifts

Have a look at these mugs we did for Fraunhofer UK. They wanted to create more awareness about the International Year of Light. What do you think?

Promotional Mugs from Sports Direct Set a Good Example in Simple Branding #CleverPromoGifts

Find out exactly why these mugs by Sports Direct worked so well as corporate gifts.

Printed Mugs Deliver Perfectly Precise Branding for Kern Weighing Scales #CleverPromoGifts

A company selling precision weighing scales used cleverly printed mugs to demonstrate their commitment to scientific accuracy. See the design, and find out their other marketing tactics here.

Promotional Mugs Bring 9,500 New Customers to a Turkish Bank #CleverPromoGifts

See the original slogan and creative printing that turned a bank's promotional mugs into highly appealing and successful corporate gifts. Find out how you too could benefit from printed mugs.

Promotional Mugs You Might Not Have Considered Before

Did you know that there are many different varieties of promotional mugs, including plastic and colour-change varieties? Read more about them here, and find out how these styles can help your business.

Promotional Mugs Send a Powerful Eco Message #CleverPromoGifts

Find out how these extremely clever colour-change mugs were used by the WWF to spread their eco-friendly message.

Promotional Cambridge Mugs are Part of an Anniversary Celebration #ByUKCorpGifts

See how we ensured brand consistency with these Cambridge Mugs we printed for a company anniversary. They join the ranks with other items used in the event.

Our Top 5 Winners of Cannes Lions 2014

With the Creative Event of the year finished, we decided to make our own shortlist of the Cannes Lions that grabbed our attention. Have a look at our top 5. And the winner is...

Why Offices Love Stacking Mugs (plus a Clever Idea to Use Them)

A brilliant way to use promotional mugs to gain multiple impressions for your business.