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Archives: December 2014

Promotional USB Flash Drives: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing One

Are you thinking of investing in promotional USB flash drives for your business? If yes, read this article to find out the 5 points you need to consider to ensure you get the best USBs for your needs.

Promotional Bottled Water Raises Awareness About Global Water Scarcity #CleverPromoGifts

See how promotional water bottles were used to raise awareness on World Water Day, with some informative printing and an original branding idea.

Top 10 Corporate Gifts to Use as Giveaways

Have you ever wondered what the best promotional products are to use as giveaways? Wonder no more! This list is a compilation of some of the cost-effective and popular gifts that will help expose your business and gain you new customers.

Promotional Carabiner Keyrings Promote Cars #CleverPromoGifts

Car giants Jeep used cleverly shaped promotional carabiners to advertise their brand. But that's not the whole story. Discover what other clever marketing tactics they used here.

Promotional Bags: Our Top 5 Tips for Choosing the One

Choosing promotional bags should not be a daunting task. Keep reading for our top 5 tips on buying printed bags!

Promotional Calendars Decrease Gym Dropouts by 45% #CleverPromoGifts

See the clever promotional calendar design that helped a gym in Brazil to retain members and encourage people to get in shape.

Promotional Stickers: 6 Brilliant Ideas for How and When to Use Them in Your Marketing

Are you thinking of investing in some promotional stickers for your marketing? Read this article for ideas on how to use and distribute them.