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Archives: July 2014

Branded Doodle Pad Inspires Customers of Red Lion Ad Agency #CleverPromoGifts

Discover how creative ad agency Red Lion used a Doodle Pad to enforce their brand identity and inspire their customers. This in an example of using promotional gifts in an engaging way that facilitates creativity and collaboration.

Are you Making Any of the 5 Common Mistakes Made by Buyers of Promotional Gifts?

Promotional merchandise is an effective way to market your business, when it's done right! Are you committing any of these common mistakes that buyers make when selecting and ordering branded gifts?

Promotional Cambridge Mugs are Part of an Anniversary Celebration #ByUKCorpGifts

See how we ensured brand consistency with these Cambridge Mugs we printed for a company anniversary. They join the ranks with other items used in the event.

Tasty Chocolates Upped Vodafone's Numbers 56% #CleverPromoGifts

Chocolate can be easily moulded into just about anything, to suit any brand! Read how Vodafone took advantage of this fact to create a promotional gift that made 56% of recipients turn into customers!

Promotional Cork Back Coasters Commemorate an Anniversary #ByUKCorpGifts

See the process we went through to create these beautiful coasters for one of our clients. View the steps from artwork creation to finished product.

4 Ways to Use a Promotional Stylus Pen You Might Not Have Thought Of

Promotional styli are a great branding tool, and can be used as giveaways and as more personal gifts. But there are some uses you might not have considered. Find out what these are and if they could benefit your business, by reading this article.

Promotional Ice Cube Trays Add Bite to Dental Health Promotions! #CleverPromoGifts

These Frozen Smiles ice trays can be used to make ice cubes in the shape of dentures! They could represent a brilliant opportunity for dental hygiene related promotions.

When and Where Should You Use Sticky Notes as a Promotional Gift?

In which business situations can promotional sticky notes be the best choice of branded gift? Read this article to find out the needs and requirements that branded sticky notes can fulfill in your marketing campaign.

Promotional Paper Blocks Promote a Hair Revitalizing Company #CleverPromoGifts

No marketer will be tearing their hair out with stress with this cheeky promotional note block. Read about how this hair loss company used paper blocks to market their new product.

Are Power Banks The Solution to the Uncharged Mobile Ban?

New security measures in airports mean that flight passengers risk losing electronics, or even missing their flights, if they try to board an aircraft with an uncharged device. But power banks offer a simple solution to airport hassle, and also provide a unique and exciting branding opportunity for businesses right now. Read this article to find out how power banks can help your brand.