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Archives: February 2015

Bespoke Promotional Keyrings Advertise Converse Bride Collection to Over a Million People #CleverPromoGifts

Discover the clever campaign and beautifully designed bespoke keyrings that got over a million people excited about Converse's bridal shoe range!

The 6 Top Tips for Using Branded Bookmarks in your Marketing

Bookmarks can do so much more than just mark your place in a book. Read our 6 top tips for using branded bookmarks, for inspiring ideas that will help you promote your business in an innovative way.

Promotional Doodle Pads Advertising Hair-Growth Shampoo Go Viral on Social Media #CleverPromoGifts

Branded note pads might not seem like the most logical choice for marketing shampoo. But with a clever design and original strategy, a Japanese shampoo brand managed to use promotional doodle pads to successfully promote their product!

The Best Promotional Bags to Use at Trade Shows

Branded bags are one of the best corporate gifts for promoting your brand at trade shows. But what type of bag will bring the best results for you? Read on to find out!

Edible Business Cards Deliver a Sweet Brand Experience #CleverPromoGifts

Read how a catering company designed and distributed their edible business cards, and get inspired for your own edible corporate gifts!

15 Corporate Gift Ideas to Win Over Clients Who Travel

With numbers of business travellers on the rise, there is a huge target market of regular jet-setters who would love receiving any of these 15 quality promotional gifts.

Printed Mugs Deliver Perfectly Precise Branding for Kern Weighing Scales #CleverPromoGifts

A company selling precision weighing scales used cleverly printed mugs to demonstrate their commitment to scientific accuracy. See the design, and find out their other marketing tactics here.

Do Promotional Stress Toys Really Work and Could They Help to Market Your Business?

See new evidence for the efficacy of stress toys for relieving stress and anxiety, and find out how promotional stress toys could be used to promote your business!