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Archives: August 2015

Prison Break Promotional Soap Makes TV Show Most Watched Programme in New Zealand #CleverPromoGifts

This branded soap used a simple design and clever guerilla marketing tactics to draw in the most viewers of any channel on its opening night in New Zealand.

Neapolitan Chocolates - A Guide to Perfectly Branded Chocolate Squares

Promotional neapolitan chocolates are little squares of deliciousness that clients love. But you can make them more appealing and memorable by designing the wrappers in just the right way. Learn about your different branding options here.

Promotional Football Achieves its Goal of Forging New Business Relationships for NFL #CleverPromoGifts

An American football masquerading as a soccer ball helped the NFL to dispel misconceptions about their fans. This campaign was so successful it was featured as an example in two books about marketing!

Promotional Bookmarks: The Definitive Guide

All the different types of promotional bookmark are listed here, with an explanation of their features and how they can be branded. Plus, learn how these items can be used to promote your business.

Promotional Cambridge Mugs Help Create Awareness for Fraunhofer UK #ByUKCorpGifts

Have a look at these mugs we did for Fraunhofer UK. They wanted to create more awareness about the International Year of Light. What do you think?

What are Promotional Non-Woven Bags and Why Are They So Popular?

There are lots of promotional bags made from non-woven fabric - a lightweight, affordable material that comes in lots of vibrant colours. Find out when non-woven bags are right for your branding needs.

Promotional Stress Toy Ensures Stress Free Communications for BT #CleverPromoGifts

BT used a clever marketing strategy to spread the word about their stress free business communications. Read more about it here and get inspiration for your own awareness campaign.

Promotional Lanyards UK - Personalisation Guide

Promotional lanyards can be brilliant marketing tools that increase brand awareness. Read our guide to customising lanyards to achieve maximum branding impact. Includes tips on printing and fixtures.