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Archives: February 2016

Promotional Logo Bugs Inspired Young Carers #ByUKCorpGifts

People at Young Adult Carers Scheme, a division of British Red Cross, were thrilled with the promotional logo bugs we produced for them. The yaks were right on theme as the word sounds like the acronym of the project: YACS! Find out more here.

Could Your Beauty Salon Be Generating Extra Revenue?

Branded products don't just have to be gifts - they can also be sold in order to make your brand seem more prestigious and to boost your sales revenue. Here's more information about how this could be done in a beauty salon.

Promotional Straw Clips Work Great with the Jagermeister Brand #CleverPromoGifts

These Jagermeister straw clips work great with the brand because they have been shaped bespoke to represent the deer symbol.

The Top 5 Sweet Promotional Easter Gifts to Promote Your Brand

From milk chocolate bunnies to mini eggs in nets, there is a huge range of Easter treats to choose from. Here are the most popular, original and delicious!

Printed T-Shirts Woo Architects #CleverPromoGifts

Find out how a spray foam insulation company, Icynene, used printed t-shirts to attract architects and educate them about their products. Admire the beautiful printing and the great use of packaging in this campaign.

Corporate Retirement Gifts that Men Will Love

When employees or clients are retiring it's appropriate and will reflect positively on your brand to give them a generous retirement gift. Here are 10 suggestions for gifts that will make men feel valued and appreciated.

2015 Rugby World Cup Merchandise Invited to Get Behind England #CleverPromoGifts

Have a look at the range of branding on this 2015 Rugby World Cup merchandise that cheered supporters to Get Behind England. Range includes flags, wristbands and sports bottles.

What Happens to the Corporate Gifts You Give?

Ever wondered what happens to your corporate gifts once you've parted with them? Research carried out by the BPMA shows how exactly your merchandise is used by recipients.