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Archives: May 2015

Promotional Beach Towels Advertise Grisly Murder Show #CleverPromoGifts

Looking for inspiration for an original and creative promotional campaign? See how television channel Prime tv marketed their show 'Weekend Murders' to beach-goers.

How to Gain Loyal Customers by Combining Social Media and Corporate Gifts

5 techniques to maximise your use of social media with corporate gifts. Find out what they are and how to incorporate them in your business.

Promotional Stickers Increase BMW’s Test Driver Numbers by 34% #CleverPromoGifts

Learn how luxury car company BMW used promotional stickers to promote a new car model, and get inspired for your own low-cost marketing campaign!

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts - Are They Still Relevant?

As people have become more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly promotional products have increased in popularity. Find out how they can benefit businesses and whether they are right for your promotions here.

Promotional USB Flash Drives Shaped Like Thumbs are Shockingly #CleverPromoGifts

These promotional severed-thumb USB flashdrives get the thumbs up from us! Read more on the idea behind them and how they were created here.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Using Promotional Keyrings in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Find out why promotional keyrings are such popular promotional gifts with both entrepreneurs and their customers, and discover how these handy items could benefit your business.

Promotional T-Shirts With Reversible Design Cause a Zombie Frenzy at Comic Con #CleverPromoGifts

See how a reversible t-shirt design, that made the wearer look like a zombie, became part of an unbelievably successful promotional campaign for Resident Evil: The Dark Chronicles.

All You Need to Know About Engraving Corporate Gifts

Engraved awards, paperweights and coasters make understated, elegant corporate gifts. Learn more about the engraving process and why it could be the perfect branding method for your business.