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Promotional USB Flash Drives Shaped Like Thumbs are Shockingly #CleverPromoGifts

These promotional severed-thumb USB flashdrives get the thumbs up from us! Read more on the idea behind them and how they were created here.

Promotional USB Flash Drives: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing One

Are you thinking of investing in promotional USB flash drives for your business? If yes, read this article to find out the 5 points you need to consider to ensure you get the best USBs for your needs.

Top 10 Corporate Gifts to Use as Giveaways

Have you ever wondered what the best promotional products are to use as giveaways? Wonder no more! This list is a compilation of some of the cost-effective and popular gifts that will help expose your business and gain you new customers.

Bespoke USB Flash Drive Morphs the Orange Campaign #ByUKCorpGifts

Take a look at the custom USB Flash Drives we created for Ocean Telecom to represent their company mascot. It has a chip in the head and can stand on its own!