Corporate Gifts - Showcasing Some Exciting Projects We've Worked On

Corporate Gifts - Showcasing Some Exciting Projects We've Worked On

As 2016 is drawing to a close we get nostalgic yet again, remembering the exciting orders we have been lucky to work on. The beauty of our industry is that we get to experience the creative process behind the successful products that we help make reality.

Most of our cients have a clear vision of what they want to create to achieve their branding goals. Some have an idea but like to explore diffrent options before coming to a decision. We help our clients by providing visuals and proofs of their items. This usually helps make the decision on which items will complement our clients' brands best.

After that, the hard process begins of ensuring the order goes through the production opeeration without hiccups. Careful scheduling and quality control measures are in action to ensure that items are placed in printing machines at the right time, and at the right angles. We make sure that printing is crisp and colours match with your approved artwork. Sufficiend drying and airing time is needed to safeguard against smudging and seeping. Finally, products need to be packaged securely to make sure they get to clients securely and on time.

With experience, we have our processes perfected to a T. It doesn't make it less special though each time an order goes well and a customer is happy.

Below are some of the items we've been lucky to work on. Enjoy the pictures and get in touch if you require any promotional gifts for your brand!

 Promotional Stress Toy

Printed stress toys for 99 Hippos recruitment agency had to be in the shape of the hippo. They looked fun and quirky and are great around the office.

Promotional Pencil Cases

The new arm of Adidas that focus on digital ventures had pencil cases and sports bottles designed for their brand new team to make them feel right at home. Each of the items was imprinted with a catoon version of the staff memeber that was given the item, making them feel like heroes!

Printed Auctioneers Paddles

These auctioneers paddles were printed in block colours and accompanied by text to quickly signal feedback.

Promotional Coasters

Cork back coasters for this logistics brand were a great way to increase their brand awareness.

Promotional teddy bears

Cute little teddy bears with printed t-shirs are great to include with orders placed onlline. they are sure to make clients feel valued.

Promotional Logo bugs

Bus driver logo bugs were a great way to promote a new one day ticket service by Lothian buses.

Corporate Gifts

We loved creating thesee and other coordinating items for different brands of this global petroleum service provider. In addition, we kept their stock and distributed items aroound the world as required.

Promotional Juggling balls

Juggling balls can be used in team building exercises or as a fun giveaway around the office.

Promotional Mouse Mats

We helped put this artowrk together in addition to printing the mouse mats for this local distribution business. We can add a calendar and help with layout of your items at no extra cost to create perfect promotional items for your brand.

Promotional football items

We used coloured and monochromme versions of the football club's logo to print items for their club shop.

Hope you enjoyed our line-up. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss what we could do for you and your brand!

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