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Promotional Chocolate Moulded to Look Exactly like a Nike Trainer #CleverPromoGifts

Promotional Chocolate Moulded to Look Exactly like a Nike Trainer #CleverPromoGifts

This year was the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 90, so to celebrate, a range of special edition trainers were designed. They were all stylish and original, but one was a little more original than all the others. Milan Miladinov, and art student in London, designed and made a trainer completely out of chocolate!

First of all he made a silicon mould around the Air Max 90. Then, he painted the inside of the mould with melted chocolate to capture all of the minute detail of the trainer. Finally, he filled the whole mould up with more chocolate, and waited 15 hours for it to set!

Chocolate Air Max 90The design was so detailed that even the texture of the shoelaces could be seen up close!

Although it wasn't one of the official trainer desgins, the chocolate shoe garnered lots of attention online, with the Huffington Post and Toxel.com writing about it. So, although the design was a one-off, it did a great job at publicising the anniversary and gaining lots of exposure for the Nike Air Max 90.

Chocolate Nike Air MaxThe iconic Nike logo featured on the back of the trainer

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If you'd like to use moulded chocolate to publicise a company anniversary, or just as part of your normal promotions, take a look at our promotional chocolate range or give us a call to discuss your branding needs. You can also get more inspiration for your own chocolate marketing campaign from these chocolate numbers by Vodafone, and these edible businesscards.

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