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How Does Discreet Branding on Corporate Gifts Win Over Customers?

How Does Discreet Branding on Corporate Gifts Win Over Customers?

Corporate gifts can be covered in branding such as logos, slogans and vibrant artwork, or they can be kept simple and understated, with very little branding. There are advantages to both loud and subtle designs and you need to choose the style that’s right for your brand. Here is a list of the benefits of going subtle to help you decide whether this type of branding is suited to your business:

1. Discreet branding looks more high-end

Metal Plate Pocket BriefcaseThe engraving on the metal tag of this bag is easy enough to notice and makes the item look classy and sophisticated

By using neutral colours and styles, and printing with small, discreet logos, you will increase the perceived value of your gifts. Subtle branding can make corporate gifts feel more luxurious and classy, so subtly branded gifts will be highly valued by whoever receives them. This will make customers feel more grateful to your business, increasing chances of repeat sales and recommendations.

2. Discreetly branded corporate gifts will be used more often

Women's Polo Shirt Printing the logo small and on the upper left of this polo-shirt makes it look more stylish and appealing

It is the case that at times gift recipients would not use a promotional item if the branding looks loud and brash. On the other hand, subtle logos that are placed on the side or in the corner of the print area can prove much more user-friendly. Not only do professional clients prefer discreetly branded gifts for use at work, but it has been proven that wealthy consumers prefer to wear and use items with subtly placed logos, so if your target market is more high end, you may want to make your branding less obvious. If you want your promotional canvas bags to appeal to a wealthy target market, printing your logo in the corner rather than the centre, or smaller rather than larger, can improve clients' perceptions of your gift, and encourage them to use it repeatedly over a long period.

3. Discreet branding can (counter-intuitively) make your business stand out

Truck Bottle Opener Keyring This metal keyring will look great with a simple engraving on the other side and appeal with its shape and sturdiness

There are ways of using subtle branding to make your business stand out from the competition. Whilst your competitors are giving their logo pride of place on the front of a promotional gift, you could do something a bit different, like choosing a bespokely-shaped item that relates to your business. The bottle opener keyring above is a solid metal item and the transport nature of the business is conveyed clearly by the shape. Customers will understand what you do, so just adding a small engraving of your business name and contact detail will do the job.

4. Discreet branding often cost less

Simple, one colour logos are less expensive to print than multicoloured ones or ones with gradients, and can still have maximum effect.  So it makes sense that a simply designed gift will also have a strong impact. Sleek, small lettering or a minimalist logo will look great, and be cheaper for you to recreate.

Embossed Leather Simple embossing on leather looks stylish and is also cheaper than printing

There are many ways to reduce your branding costs, and the money you save can then be spent on ordering more corporate gifts or choosing higher-end items. This could allow you to reach more people with your marketing campaign. Alternatively, you can spend the money in other ways, such as on distribution costs. If you think that discreet branding is right for your business needs and would like more advice on how to design subtly stylish corporate gifts, please get in touch on 01204 577 995 to speak to a corporate gifts specialist.


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