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The Top 5 Sweet Promotional Easter Gifts to Promote Your Brand

The Top 5 Sweet Promotional Easter Gifts to Promote Your Brand

Easter corporate gifts are not used as much as promotional items during other holidays by businesses looking to gain brand exposure and enhance customer satisfaction. This means that by using promotional Easter gifts, you can really set your company apart from the rest. Of course, the quintessential Easter gift is chocolate, which is perfect as a promotional item due to its affordability, popularity and ability to be moulded into different shapes to suit different brands.

So, whether you are planning a company Easter egg hunt, giving chocolate eggs as a thank you to all your employees, looking to reward old customers or attract new ones, you can outdo the Easter bunny this Spring by reaching out to people with any of the 5 delicious sweet treats we've listed below.

1. Easter Eggs

Promotional chocolate mini eggs come wrapped in different coloured shimmery foils including green, blue, pink and gold. There are also various types of packaging to choose from - nets, plastic and wooden boxes are some of your options. These can be printed with your branding or given a ribbon with a tag containing your logo. Some varities of mini egg allow for full colour printing to make your branding the vivid focal point on your gift.

Promotional Farmhouse Easter EggsOne packaging option for mini eggs is a carboard eggbox, with your branding printed in full colour on the wrap

Mini eggs are perfect if you are organising a company Easter egg hunt for your staff and their families. Or, you could give away the eggs individually as sales incentives in your shop to win over new clients.

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2. Chocolate Shapes

One of the great things about chocolate is that it can be moulded into anything you like. For Easter, chocolate bunnies and eggs are traditional, but you can also get chocolate sheep, chocolate fried eggs and chocolate puzzles that have to be slotted together to make a shape.

Easter SheepA sweet white chocolate sheep makes an excellent gift for kids!

Promotional chocolate shapes are sometimes made from different coloured chocolates to make them more realistic, such as white chocolate for the sheep above. They also come with packaging that can be printed with your logo.

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3. Cookies

Promotional cookies shaped like Easter eggs are a great alternative if your staff or clients aren't keen on chocolate, or if you are having an Easter egg hunt and want to provide something festive for adults as well as kids. These delicious, simple cookies come in wrappers than can be printed in up to full colour with your message. You can also choose ginger flavoured cookies with your design printed on the actual cookie.

Easter Egg CookieAn egg-shaped cookie still says Happy Easter, plus it is different and a bit more memorable than chocolate

Promotional cookies also have the benefit of being easily transported and stored, as you don't have to worry about them melting in a hot car or office.

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4. Chocolate Bunnies

Promotional chocolate rabbits deserve a category all to themselves, as they are such a popular sweet treat. One of the chocolate bunnies we offer in our range is the classic Lindt Easter bunny wrapped in gold foil. Lindt are known for their high quality Swiss chocolate and the design of their Easter bunny is recognisable to all, so will really impress clients.

The gold Lindt bunny with the red ribbon round its neck is well-suited to luxury or heritage brands

A promotional chocolate bunny in packaging with your branding would make a lovely gift to be mailed out to long-standing clients. Alternatively, it could be a prize in a competition or raffle at an event.

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5. Chocolate Eggs

The most popular gift to give at Easter is the chocolate Easter egg - show your staff and clients you're a business that goes the extra mile by getting personalised or company branded ones. Promotional chocolate eggs come in small, medium and large sizes and can be wrapped in different coloured foils. The branding can be done on the packaging or, in some cases, moulded into the chocolate itself.

 Easter EggDecorate your easter egg box with your branding or a presonalised design your clients will love

Flat promotional chocolate eggs are also available. These look like traditional easter eggs from the front, but with a flat profile, they can be fitted into much smaller packaging and are convenient for sending out in the mail.

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Apart from the ones featured here, we also have plenty of other sweet Easter treats for you to choose from. Whichever ones you go for, make sure to order early, as some of the items can take a few weeks to get to you. The vast majority of our range can be printed in full colour, giving you lots of freedom when choosing your branding - if you'd like any tips on how to brand your sweet treats, just give us a call on 01204 577 995. Have a happy Easter!

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