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Promotional Stickers: 6 Brilliant Ideas for How and When to Use Them in Your Marketing

Promotional Stickers: 6 Brilliant Ideas for How and When to Use Them in Your Marketing

Promotional stickers might be a small marketing tool, but they can bring BIG results for your business. Dough D’Aubrey, managing director of a business advisory company, says that guerrilla marketing strategies such as using branded stickers are an especially good option for new businesses with small budgets. He's right, but stickers can also be a fantastic tool in many other scenarios. Here are six ideas for how and when to use promotional stickers:

Promotional Car Stickers1. Give away promotional car stickers

Promotional car and bumper stickers are a great way to get your branding seen by motorists. For this reason they can be especially useful to companies related to the car industry. Printing stickers with a fairly simple design of just your logo will intrigue other motorists as to what your brand does. Or, a more clear branding message could catch the eye of those who are already looking for a particular type of business service. You can give away branded bumper stickers alongside of other purchases, as an alternative to business cards, or in promotional literature.

Oval Shaped Wobbler2. Publicise special offers using promotional stickers

You might have a pair of earphones in your music gadget shop that are on special offer. Using bright, eye-catching stickers can advertise this fact to browsers in the store. And the sticker can contain the price reduction information too. They are especially useful for using on ‘Buy One Get One Free’ promotions to indicate exactly which items are included in an offer. Printing 'Calls to Action' on these types of sticker will really encourage buyers to make the most of your price reductions.

Foot Shaped Wobbler3. Use branded stickers to promote your charity

Charities are a group who can benefit in particular from promotional stickers, as they are such low-cost items. Branded stickers can be distributed by charity promoters collecting in public places, as an incentive for passers by to donate. Or they could be something you give away at educational and awareness raising events. Larger stickers will have space for you to include an email address or telephone number for people to get in touch again and donate. Some stickers even have the option for printing on the back, for extra information to be included.

House Shaped Wobbler4. Hand out promotional stickers at events

You can set yourself apart from other businesses at trade shows by handing out promotional stickers. As previously mentioned, they are a fun alternative to a business card, especially if you print them with witty, colourful designs. Alternatively, if you sponsor local events such as youth gatherings, charity drives or award ceremonies, giving away promotional stickers during these is a great way of supporting the community whilst also spreading your brand message.

Bespoke Shape Wobbler5. Shape your promotional stickers to suit your brand

There are a variety of different shaped promotional stickers that could suit your brand, from animals to different types of transport. By choosing one of these types of sticker you will generate greater levels of brand recognition. You can also choose to have a bespoke sticker made to suit you exactly. If you are a childrens' toy shop, what about a sticker in the shape of a teddy bear, so that parents and kids can see exactly the type of product you are offering them?

Duck Reflective Sticker6. Help your customers stay safe with reflective promotional stickers

You can promote your brand and help your clients out at the same time by giving them branded stickers in reflective neon colours. These stickers can be worn at night by both children and adults to make them more visible to cars when crossing roads. By giving your customers these you will be sending the message that you care about their safety, and therefore creating a positive brand image.

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Do any of these sticker uses appeal to you? If yes, check out our wide range of promotional stickers including wobblers, adhesive badges and bespoke options. Or, if you have another idea for how they can best be employed as a promotional item, feel free to tell us in the comments section, or give us a ring on 01204 577 995.

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Promotional Stickers: 6 Brilliant Ideas for How and When to Use Them in Your Marketing

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