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Promotional Bookmarks: The Definitive Guide

Promotional Bookmarks: The Definitive Guide

Promotional bookmarks can be used in a number of ways to promote your business. And they're useful for more than just book related companies - retailers, charities and community-focused businesses can all use bookmarks as part of their marketing campaigns.

But what are the choices available and what are their features? This article provides all the info you need to know on the different types of promotional bookmark, to help ensure you make the best choice for your business's needs.

Plastic Bookmarks

A bookmark made from laminated plastic makes an excellent, long-lasting promotional gift. Because they are sturdy, they will last more than just a few uses and your branding will be exposed over a long period. They can be printed on both sides and in full colour, so that your artwork can be reproduced in photographic quality.

This type of bookmark is a good choice if you are planning long-term promotions for your business, and when you need high-quality, detailed artwork that won't fade over time.

Plastic BookmarksAdd ruler markings to a plastic bookmark to make it into a multifunctional item!

Alternatively - you can opt for a shaped plastic ruler that is moulded to the shape of your choosing - it can even be die cut to your logo or company mascot outline. These products can be relief moulded using rigid or flexible plastic. They can also be shaped to include a clip to attach the bookmark to the page. Individual block colours are printed onto these bookmarks, but they can also be branded using foil blocking, which allows for shiny, eye-catching branding.

These bookmarks are ideal if you need a bookmark with an unusual look that will really stand out. They do take a little longer to make, with a standard lead time of three weeks.

Logo Bug Bookmarks

A logo bug bookmark is a regular, cardboard bookmark with a logo bug attached to the head. Logo bugs are fuzzy little characters with sticky pads underneath, often used to decorate offices and at events. When added to a bookmark, logo bugs liven up the design and make the bookmarks stand out. There are goalkeeper, fireman, animal and nurse logo bugs, so they can suit a wide range of businesses.

Logo Bug BookmarksThis cute bookmarks come with a range of characters to suit any promotional needs!

Logo bug bookmarks are ideal if you are looking to promote a fun, youthful brand image, and are perfect gifts to encourage children to read as they'll love the cute, tactile bug. They are not suitable for children under five, however, due to their small parts.

Card Bookmarks

Promotional Card BookmarkCard bookmarks can be shaped and come with a range of useful sticky notes.

Card bookmarks come in a range of standard shapes, including phone and house shapes, so they can be tailored to your brand image. In our range, the card bookmarks come with sticky index notes attached the the main body of the bookmark, so they can be used with school textbooks as well as works of fiction. These bookmarks can be printed with individual block colours, for a simple, clean design.

Card bookmarks are ideal if you are a school, university or education related business as the sticky notes will help students with their revision. They can also be used to advertise one-off promotions and special offers as they aren’t as permanent as plastic bookmarks.

Lenticular Bookmarks

A lenticular bookmark can be tilted to reveal a different image, so creating a visual effect of 3D animation or morphing! This makes them unusual and highly valued promotional gifts - plus they are made from plastic, so are nice and sturdy. You do have to make sure you order them with plenty of time to spare though, as the complex design process means they have a standard lead time of 3 weeks.

Promotional Lenticular BookmarkSpecial texture of a lenticular bookmark allows for printing multiple versions of your design to miic movement as you tilt the item.

Choose a lenticular bookmark if you want a highly personalised design that will make your business stand out. Because lenticular bookmarks can be printed with unusual, personal branding, they will allow you to demonstrate clearly what your brand is about, and so are a good choice for businesses unrelated to the book industry.

Magnetic Bookmarks

A magnetic bookmark is made from laminated paper, has a magnet at each end and folds along a crease in the middle so that it can be clipped onto a page. They can be printed in full colour for a vibrant, detailed design.

Promotional Magnetic BookmarkA magnetic bookmark clips onto the page of a book, to prevent it from being lost

Magnetic bookmarks are a little different from your usual straight bookmarks, so will give your brand the edge over your competitors. Because they are magnetic, they are less likely to be lost, so could last longer than other bookmark types.

Magnifier Bookmarks

Magnifying Glass BookmarkBookmarks fitted with a magnifying glass will help mark a page and read the test.

Doubling up as a reading aid as well as a bookmark, magnifier bookmarks are a handy 2 in 1 item. They feature a strip of magnifying plastic in the centre and are available with an attachable cord. Magnifier bookmarks can be printed in individual block colours.

Because of its dual purpose, the magnifier bookmark can be used to promote books, as well as eyesight and health related businesses.

Leather Bookmarks

Leather bookmarks are great at representing schools and historical tourist atractions. They exhibit class and tradition and can be branded using coloured foils or debossing.

Promotional Leather BookmarksPromotional leather bookmarks speak tradition and quality

Embossed Foam Bookmarks

Foam bookmarks can be embossed with your branding and cheaper alternatives to leather bookmarks. They are great at representing schools and charities.

 Embossed Foam BookmarksEmbossed foam can be coloured and shaped to your exact specifications

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We hope you will find this article helpful when choosing promotional bookmarks for your marketing. If you have any further questions though, we would love to hear from you so give us a ring on 01204 577 995.

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