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Neapolitan Chocolates - A Guide to Perfectly Branded Chocolate Squares

Neapolitan Chocolates - A Guide to Perfectly Branded Chocolate Squares

Promotional neapolitan chocolates are small, individually wrapped squares of chocolate, ideal for serving with a cup of tea at a business meeting, or for giving out as table favours in restaurants. They are very popular items with hotels, restaurants, wedding planners and event companies, but other businesses can also use neapolitans for their promotions, either as give aways or at corporate events.

Promotional neapolitans come with a few different packaging and branding options, so read on if you would like to know the cusomisation options for your own branded neapolitan chocolates.

Wrappers and Packaging

Foil: All of our neapolitan chocolates are wrapped in foil for freshness. The standard foil colour is silver but you can also choose gold, red, purple or black if you think one of those colours goes better with your branding.

Wrappers: The wrappers for promotional neapolitans are paper bands that are wrapped around the chocolate squares. You can choose wrappers in a range of different coloured papers. These include a whole rainbow of standard colours: red, orange, yellow green and blue etc., together with more unusual gold, silver and copper - if you want your neapolitans to have a luxurious or traditional feel. Whether you run a tech business or a kids charity, there's a colour to suit your brand!

Chocolate Neapolitans with Foil BlockingA range of different coloured wrappers are available to choose from for your neapolitan chocolates

You can also choose Halloween and Christmas themed wrappers if your promotions happen to fall around the holiday season.

Packaging: Neapolitan chocolates are usually served in bowls or on plates but you can also give several together as gifts. It tis case, it's advisable to have them packaged in a box. Neapolitan chocolates can be presented in a rectangular, laminated card box with a fold-up lid; laid out in a laminated card frame; or tucked inside an oblong box made from tin. A tin box filled with chocolates would make a great addition to any office staff room, whilst a card box can be used if you are sending chocolates as a personal gift to employees or clients. Whichever presentation method you choose, the packaging can be printed with your branding too.

Chocolate Neapolitans in a Box
This smart presentation box can be personalised with your branding and logo

Branding Options:

Full Colour Printing: You can have your chocolate neapolitan wrappers printed in full colour, so that they display a complex, vivid design. For instance, celebratory neapolitans could be printed with a photographic image of a glass of champagne!

Full Colour Printed NeapolitansGold foil, white paper and a photographic image makes for a visually eye-catching neapolitan design

Foil Blocking: Alternatively, you could have your neapolitan wrappers foil-blocked. This branding method involves stamping foil onto the wrapper, giving your artwork a shimmery, elegant effect. Neapolitans branded in this way are ideal if you have a traditional or heritage brand and want to present yourself in a more sophisticated way.

Chocolate Neapolitans with Foil BlockingThe logo on this neapolitan has been stamped on in gold foil to match the foil wrapping


The most popular flavours of neapolitan chocolates are milk, dark and white chocolate. But there are other, more unusual flavours to choose from as well, including: Plain Mint, Plain Mint Crisp, 70% Plain Chocolate, Milk Mint and Milk Orange.

Choose one flavour of chocolate or a mixture, so you can be absolutely sure all of your clients’ tastes are catered to.

Take time to consider all aspects of the branding for your chocolate neapolitans and you will ensure that your customers are impressed by their look as well as the taste. If you'd like to speak with a corporate gifts advisor about your neapolitan chocolate needs, we'd love to hear from you!

Neapolitan Chocolates

Classic chocolate squares, wrapped in foil and paper sleeves with your logo

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