Direct Mail

How Promotional Calendars can Tell the Story of Your Brand #CleverPromoGifts

TWBC Marcom designed a wall calendar that told an emotional story of the importance of water conservation. We show how you can learn from this approach to develop a calendar that keeps your customers gripped throughout the year.

Printed T-Shirts Woo Architects #CleverPromoGifts

Find out how a spray foam insulation company, Icynene, used printed t-shirts to attract architects and educate them about their products. Admire the beautiful printing and the great use of packaging in this campaign.

Promotional Rubik's Cubes Increase Alzheimer's Awareness #CleverPromoGifts

Read about the Unjumbling the Mind campain. Find out how these customised Rubik's Cubes increased queries at Alzheimer's Association of Kenya from 5 per month to 3 per day and increased the number of volunteers from 10 to 43 within a month. See the reasons behind the popularity of the toy.

Promotional Mugs from Sports Direct Set a Good Example in Simple Branding #CleverPromoGifts

Find out exactly why these mugs by Sports Direct worked so well as corporate gifts.

Promotional Balloons Lighten Up Land Rover's Marketing Campaign #CleverPromoGifts

Big car brand Land Rover designed these direct mailers with a twist in order to spread the word about the opening of a new car dealership.

Promotional Candles Increase Support for WWF Earth Hour by 260% #CleverPromoGifts

Discover how the WWF used promotional candles to send a sobering message about energy conservation, and get inspiration for your own clever promotional gifts!

Promotional Checkerboards by Oreo Make Eating Biscuits Even More Fun! #CleverPromoGifts

Playing with your food is totally acceptable with Oreo's brilliant branded board game. This direct mailer is an example of a very clever promotional gift for spreading a positive, fun brand image.

Promotional Stickers: 6 Brilliant Ideas for How and When to Use Them in Your Marketing

Are you thinking of investing in some promotional stickers for your marketing? Read this article for ideas on how to use and distribute them.

10 Corporate Gifts that Can Be Used as a Promotional Calendar

Lost for ideas on gifts for the New Year? Why not use one of these items - with a calendar printed onto them. Find out what can be achieved with our free calendar template service.

13 Ways to Use Promotional Ice Scrapers to Promote Your Brand

Autumn is upon us and ice scrapers are about to become extremely useful promotional gifts. Find out how they can be used by businesses and organisations, from car companies to charities to... holiday makers!