Environmental Issues

Four Ways Promotional Bags Will Support Your Business Goals

Looking for a way to connect with your customers? Here we take a look at the bags that will get you seen, remembered and have your business prospering. Whether you're looking to stand out at a trade show or appeal to an environmentally conscious audience, find out how different branded bags can help achieve your business goals.

How an Americano Mug was Used to Raise Environmental Awareness #CleverPromoGifts

Find out how the use of print transformed this mug into an item for an environmental campaign. The cafe's use of a mug has increased to 55% in a month.

What are Promotional Non-Woven Bags and Why Are They So Popular?

There are lots of promotional bags made from non-woven fabric - a lightweight, affordable material that comes in lots of vibrant colours. Find out when non-woven bags are right for your branding needs.

Promotional Erasers Deliver a Sobering Message About Extinction for the Natural History Museum #CleverPromoGifts

Take a look at the clever eraser design used by the Natural History Museum to raise awareness about the issue of extinction. And get inspired for your own environmental marketing campaigns.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts - Are They Still Relevant?

As people have become more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly promotional products have increased in popularity. Find out how they can benefit businesses and whether they are right for your promotions here.

Promotional Toothbrushes Challenge Coca Cola's London Eye Branding #CleverPromoGifts

Coca Cola's rebranding of the London Eye has caused much controversy. Read how a small group of food campaigners have challenged the sugary drink giants using promotional toothbrushes!

Promotional Candles Increase Support for WWF Earth Hour by 260% #CleverPromoGifts

Discover how the WWF used promotional candles to send a sobering message about energy conservation, and get inspiration for your own clever promotional gifts!

Promotional Bottled Water Raises Awareness About Global Water Scarcity #CleverPromoGifts

See how promotional water bottles were used to raise awareness on World Water Day, with some informative printing and an original branding idea.

Promotional Mugs Send a Powerful Eco Message #CleverPromoGifts

Find out how these extremely clever colour-change mugs were used by the WWF to spread their eco-friendly message.