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Promotional Chocolate Flyers Used to Market Weight Loss Brand #CleverPromoGifts

Using chocolate to promote a weight loss brand might seem counterintuitive, but Sure Slim devised an excellent campaign that gained lots of brand exposure and provided weight loss incentive. See how they did it.

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All you need to know about promotional silicone wristbands - why they're popular corporate gifts and how your business could make use of them in its next marketing campaign.

Could Your Beauty Salon Be Generating Extra Revenue?

Branded products don't just have to be gifts - they can also be sold in order to make your brand seem more prestigious and to boost your sales revenue. Here's more information about how this could be done in a beauty salon.

2015 Rugby World Cup Merchandise Invited to Get Behind England #CleverPromoGifts

Have a look at the range of branding on this 2015 Rugby World Cup merchandise that cheered supporters to Get Behind England. Range includes flags, wristbands and sports bottles.

Corporate Gifts - 4 Key Trends for 2016

After coming back from Promotional Products Expo 2016, we have a lot of new inspiration and a lot of new trends to share. Find out all about what's new.

Use Promotional Pedometers to Step Up Your Marketing this Year

All you need to know about promotional pedometers, their branding options and how you can use them to market your business.

Promotional Rubik's Cubes Increase Alzheimer's Awareness #CleverPromoGifts

Read about the Unjumbling the Mind campain. Find out how these customised Rubik's Cubes increased queries at Alzheimer's Association of Kenya from 5 per month to 3 per day and increased the number of volunteers from 10 to 43 within a month. See the reasons behind the popularity of the toy.

Promotional Stress Toys: All You Need to Know

Should you choose branded stress toys to promote your business? This article aims to give you all the facts to help you make your decision.

Why You Should Start Planning Your Christmas Corporate Gifts Early

This article explains why it is necessary to start thinking about your Christmas gifts needs as early as possible, and gives suggestions on how you can make sure your festive promotional items are exactly the way you want them.

Could a Promotional Lipstick Power Bank Benefit Your Beauty Business?

Promotional power banks are fast increasing in popularity. And they're not just for tech businesses anymore - the new lipstick power bank could give your beauty business an extra advantage!