Loyalty Programs

How Promotional Calendars can Tell the Story of Your Brand #CleverPromoGifts

TWBC Marcom designed a wall calendar that told an emotional story of the importance of water conservation. We show how you can learn from this approach to develop a calendar that keeps your customers gripped throughout the year.

Which Award Should You Choose for Your Next Business Event?

Choose the right style of award for your next sophisticated business event by reading this guide. Contains information on different styles and branding options, and shows you a full range of great options to ensure your event is a hit.

Corporate Retirement Gifts that Women Will Love

When employees or clients retire it's customary to give them a gift to thank them for their hard work and loyalty. Here are 10 suggestions for gifts that women will love.

Why Are Crystal Awards More Expensive than Glass?

Crystal carries a heftier price tag than glass, and there are some important reasons why. This article explains the main differences between the two materials to help you decide which is better for your branded awards.

9 Types of Beautiful Promotional Paperweights

You might not realise it, but promotional paperweights come in lots of styles and some have handy 2 in 1 features. This article clearly lays out all your choices of promotional paperweights to make your decision easier.

Corporate Retirement Gifts that Men Will Love

When employees or clients are retiring it's appropriate and will reflect positively on your brand to give them a generous retirement gift. Here are 10 suggestions for gifts that will make men feel valued and appreciated.

The Promotional Parker Jotter Ballpen: Why You Should Consider it for Your Next Corporate Gift

All the information you need about the parker jotter ballpen, with advice on how it could be used to gain brand exposure and reward loyal clients.

Awards 101: Which Award Will Wow Guests at Your Event?

If you are hosting an awards ceremony and want both guests and award winners to be impressed by your generosity and style, read this article to learn about all the different types of award and trophy out there, and which one is best for your brand.

Promotional Dog Bowls Spread Awareness for Euan's Guide #ByUKCorpGifts

These printed dog bowls we did recently are great at promoting Euan's Guide - an organisation promoting disabled access in public places. We are sure these will make all the doggies overjoyed!

5 Steps to the Perfect Loyalty Program with Corporate Gifts

Loyalty programs are an effective way of retaining customers and increasing revenue. Read how you can design a scheme that utilises corporate gifts and makes your customers feel valued.