Summer Gifts

2015 Rugby World Cup Merchandise Invited to Get Behind England #CleverPromoGifts

Have a look at the range of branding on this 2015 Rugby World Cup merchandise that cheered supporters to Get Behind England. Range includes flags, wristbands and sports bottles.

Printed Promotional Bags #ByUKCorpGifts Look Stunning

Pictures in this gallery show print quality on our canvas bags in full glory. Have a look at these close ups and print your own for your business.

10 Hot Weather Corporate Gift Ideas

These promotional gifts are guaranteed to hot up your promotions this summer. A top 10 list of corporate gifts that your customers will love using during the warmer weather.

Promotional Flip Flops that Double as Billboards Are #CleverPromoGifts for Summer

Read about how this interactive advertising campaign combined guerrilla marketing and gift giving for a perfect way to prolong summer and promote a refreshing drink.

Guide to Promotional Golf Umbrellas Customisation Options

This guide goes through all the elements of a golf umbrella and their options for personalisation. Promotional golf umbrellas are one of most customisable corporate gifts out there. Find out all the options available to you.

Promotional Beach Towels Advertise Grisly Murder Show #CleverPromoGifts

Looking for inspiration for an original and creative promotional campaign? See how television channel Prime tv marketed their show 'Weekend Murders' to beach-goers.

15 Corporate Gifts That Festival-Goers Will Love This Summer

Don't miss out on the fantastic brand exposure you could gain by promoting your business at a festival this summer. This article contains a list of useful, vibrant corporate gifts that festival-goers will love.

Promotional Towels Raise Awareness about Sun Damage #CleverPromoGifts

Want to know how to use beach towels in an inventive way to raise awareness and gain media attention? A Cancer Association have given us a great example with these thought provoking 'grill towels'.

Why Will Bottle Openers Increase Your Brand Awareness and Sales?

Why is it that bottle openers and bottle opener keyrings are so in demand for businesses looking to increase sales and brand awareness? This article answers this question and explains how bottle openers could be used to increase your company’s brand awareness and sales.

Promotional Bucket and Spade Brings Summer Closer #ByUKCorpGifts

Get up close and personal with the buckets and spades we produced recently. They bring bring back home the childhood memories of sun and sea and are great for branding due to the mix-and-match colours.