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Promotional Bags: Our Top 5 Tips for Choosing the One

Promotional Bags: Our Top 5 Tips for Choosing the One

Promotional bags are an advertising staple. They make great packaging for your merchandise or literature, or act as travel or sports companion for your staff and clients. If you are thinking of using promotional bags in your marketing, there are a few things you should follow during the design process. Here are our top tips for choosing and branding your promotional bags:

Promotional Contrast Shopping Tote1. Match the Bag with its Requirements

The right style of promotional bag is out there, whether you’re a sportswear merchandiser at a tradeshow, or a school hosting an open day for new pupils. In order to get the right one though, you will need to consider what your main requirements are, and what different styles of bag can offer you. For example, the style of a drawstring bag suggests sport, so would be ideal for a sports merchandiser.A tote bag on the other hand, can fit plenty inside it and has a large rectangular surface to house a large logo, so could be great for a number of promotions: from schools, to exhibitions, to retail.

2. Think about the Long-Term Message

Bags, unlike sticky notes, sweets and other short-lived merchandise, are more likely to be kept and used repeatedly. For this reason, it’s important to make certain that your branding does not contain information that is liable to change. For example, if you wanted to promote a limited time only offer, better to do it with a perishable gift, like a foam coaster or a packet of chocolates. While events-based bags can be used as a memento and could include the date, if you are running a one-off offer, it's better to advertise it on a leaflet inside. Also, take account of the fact that certain styles, colours and designs will go out of fashion. A simple, classic design could go a long way for your promotional bag.

3. Match the Material with your BrandPromotional Bonded Leather Briefcase

There are a wide range of materials to choose from in the world of promotional bags, and they all say different things about you. Leather, for example, has luxurious and traditional connotations. It can also lend an air of professional style to your brand. Some bags are made from recycled materials, so if you are an environmental charity, be aware that this is an option that will demonstrate your eco-friendly commitments. Whatever your brand, think about the message you are trying to convey, and consider which fabric or material will best embody that message.

4. Get a Better Price

You can get better deals on promotional merchandise when ordering in bulk. With bags, and other bigger, more expensive items, the difference becomes even more expressive. Promotional Magnum RucksackYou will save yourself money by ordering extra, and because they are long lasting items, it doesn’t matter if you have some left over! You can continue giving away bags well into the future. Simplifying your artwork to a one colour print can also on many occasions significantly reduce the unit price. It is worth thinking over if you really need those two shades of blue!

5. Think what the Bag Quality Says about You

The quality of a product has a direct effect on what the recipient thinks about it, according to this PPAI researchPeople receiving items that were worth $25 or more, thought they were given it to thank them for their custom. In contrast, people receiving gifts worth $5 to $10 believed they had been given the gifts to make them aware of the business and its products. So make sure that if your bag is being given as a reward, it has a higher perceived value so as not to disappoint loyal customers.

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