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Five Things You Didn’t Know about Logo Bugs

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Logo Bugs

You've probably seen them at your kids' school, your local gym, your office, a church event or a family festival - the cute, fluffy characters parading ribbons promoting the event or the sponsor's website. Here are five interesting facts about logo bugs, that you probably didn't know about.

1. It is not all about the eyes

The typical logo bug is a fluffy ball, with coloured feet and big eyes, but did you know you can accessorise your bug with all sorts of add-ons. This is the ultimate shape-shifter in the promotional merchandise world. You can combine different sized pompoms, die-cut felt pieces, eyes, printed cardboard and all sorts of plastic hats to create any animal, fruit, professional or cartoon character.

Logo BugsLogo bugs come in different shapes and colours, and with different accessories such as hats and cameras

Our website has hundreds of standard options and we don’t charge extra for creating a new style. You can also mix and match colours of pompoms, feet and accessories to design any bug. If your company mascot is a green bear with red feet or you wish to put a fire-fighter hat, a purple nose and yellow fox ears on a pink pompom - be our guest!

Logo Bugs

Cheap and cheerful, these are great for festivals and events

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2. Magnetic feet

You can turn any logo bug into a fridge magnet by opting for a magnetic, rather than sticky base underneath the bug’s feet. This could be a clever idea if you wanted to get a fridge magnet but wished for something that would stand out more and deliver the fun factor. If you need to promote healthy eating, why not choose a vegetable magnetic bug?

3. Bookmark it

Sticking your logo bug onto a bookmark, gives you more advertising space and is great for children's marketing. This is a great idea to promote an awareness campaign, e.g. a police officer bookmark bug could educate on what to do when in danger.

4. Find your character

Browsing our website for the logo bug that will carry your message best is fun - but if you have a specific character in mind, use our search function on the top of every page. This way you'll easily find what you're looking for! But if your requirement is more unique, why not speak to our sales team about it - after all we can recreate any character you can think of, in any mixture of colours.

Promotional Logo Bugs on Our WebsiteYou can search for a variety of animals shaped and unusual themed logo bugs, including tigers!

5. It's not a toy

We recommend that you don't give our logo bugs to children under five. If you have a campaign for children, we have a range of other items that will be suitable - bjust ask us for details. As cute and fun as they are, you have to be careful not to give the logo bugs to young children, as they are made up of small components that are not safe to play with. Each logo bug is labelled with a safety notice to make sure they are not misused.

Logo Bugs are Fun!

Promotional logo bugs are great to give away at fairs and conferences and to decorate your event. Each has prominent branding visible on the ribbon - so you can be sure that your test and design will be clearly seen. Browse our range below or ask us to mix and match the components to recreate your required character.

Logo Bugs

Cheap and cheerful, these are great for festivals and events

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