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Promotional Carabiner Keyrings Promote Cars #CleverPromoGifts

Promotional Carabiner Keyrings Promote Cars #CleverPromoGifts

Jeep gave away promotional carabiner keyrings in climbing and outdoor sports shops to reach out to their target market of adventurous, hiking and nature enthusiasts. This marketing campaign - a collaboration between the car company and Leo Burnett Moscow - used cleverly shaped carabiners that looked like the iconic Jeep brand cars.

Promotional Jeep Carabiner The slogan, written in Russian, says "There's a better way to get there", implying that instead of hiking or climbing, recipients of the carabiner should instead drive a Jeep!

This clever branding was also enhanced by printing the carabiners with the witty slogan - "There's an easier way to get there". And, the car giants even extended an invitation to customers to take a test drive in Jeep territory, an off-road testing ground! This brilliant marketing campaign by Jeep goes to prove that promotional carabiners can form a part of clever and unusual marketing campaigns.

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Carabiners can be branded to perfectly embody a business identity by printing, doming and engraving on the strap or metal clip. They are great for outdoorsy brands but can also be used to symbolise strength and powerfullness. If you have a clever idea for customising a carabiner with your logo, company colours or a witty slogan like Jeep did, take a look at the carabiner keyrings on our website.

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