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Corporate Gifts Ideas for Events - 5 Unique Giveaways

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Product launch events are a great way to create a buzz around a new product, and you can make these events even more exciting by using promotional freebies and giveaways. Find out how to choose the best promotional products for your event.

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Printed Promotional Bags #ByUKCorpGifts Look Stunning

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Promotional Tattoos Bring New Visitors to Thailand (with Video) #CleverPromoGifts

Promotional Tattoos featured by Thailand at a tourist expo contributed to 42% increase in Chinese tourists to the country. Can you be inspired by this success?

Corporate Gifts for Events: The Best and Worst Giveaways

Not every corporate gift is suited to every situation. Here are some of the best corporate gifts you can use at events, and some that you should save for other types of promotions!

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