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Promotional USB Flash Drives: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing One

Promotional USB Flash Drives: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing One

Promotional USB Flash Drives are easily mailed out, and highly valued by recipients. They can also be used to present customers with marketing information if you upload your catalogue or newsletter onto it before giving it away. These features make them popular corporate gifts. So, if you’re thinking of making the most of their fantastic branding potential, here are the 5 things to consider when making your purchase:

1. Style

The style of your USB flash drive should be considered carefully as it will reflect on your brand. There are plastic, metal, leather and even wooden USB flash drives - with styles ranging from modern, to playful to traditional. Select an item that represents your values and reflects the expectations of your target market. Twister and slide-out styles are popular choices as they ensure there is no cap to lose and so the item will prove more practical.

2. Branding

Different USBs will have different branding options. Two of the most common are screen printing, which is good for simple logos and one colour designs, and laser engraving for a subtle stylish look. Choosing a suitable colour for your business also falls under branding - make sure the colour of your USB suits your brand and matches your logo. You can also find shaped USBs, to represent your brand perfectly.

Rubik's Cube USB Flash DriveNovelty USB Flash Drives can rise sentiments and make the item more likely to be kept

3. Capacity

Memory capacity of a USB flash drive should match its use. You can get USBs in sizes up to 16GB, which will be appreciated for having lots of storage to put music and images onto. Capacity is the biggest determinant for the USB price so it's worth considering this feature carefully. For many audiences lower capacity may have the same advertising effect but be a more cost effective option. Whatever capacity, it can be a good idea to give away USB flash drives pre-loaded with your marketing material to reinforce branding and educate recipients about your offering.

4. Accessories

USB accessories can make the item more practical. Since flash drives are small and contain valuable information, it's often useful to attach a keychain or a lanyard to them. Some USBs are also built into wristbands, to ensure they are not left behind.

Promotional Wristband USBA promotional wristband USB is unlikely to get lost, so will promote your brand for a long time to come

5. Packaging

Presenting your USB well can make all the difference to the customer, as a well-presented product will show recipients that you have put some thought into their gift, and give it a more high-end feel. All USB flash drives can be supplied in gift boxes to add to the perceived value of the corporate gift. These can be metal tins, cardboard boxes or presentation sleeves. Our promotional advisors are always happy to help with getting the right option for you.

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For more information on packaging and branding options you can look at the details of each individual product on our website, or call us on 01204 577 995 for some advice.  

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