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Promotional Logo Bugs Promote a Ski Resort #ByUKCorpGifts

Promotional Logo Bugs Promote a Ski Resort #ByUKCorpGifts

These promotional logo bugs are doing a great job in promoting the ski resort Premiere Neige. They have a white body and are dressed up in goggles. In one hand, each bug carries a pair of skis and the other one shows us a thums up sign - all to encourage ski enthuiasts to join the bugs in the Alps! The ribbon is printed with the resort's details and a cheeky pun: "Got the ski bug?". These advertising bugs can be stuck on walls, desks and windows to sprread the message.

If you think your campaing could get extra boost from logo bugs, just pick your design! Our logo bugs can take on any character or personality to chowcase your brand or mimi your clients - and you can mix and match the colours of the pom-pom and the feet. That's wy they make great versatile items that can fit with many diifferent promotions!

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Who wouldn't want to go skiing with this guys?

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